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Two former gravel pits situated about 1 mile from Olivers Lake (between Witham and Hatfield Peverel), these have matured into fine fisheries.

Bovington 1 is the smaller at 3 acres and has pleasant tree and reed covered banks. This water also has a good head of Bream to 18lbs and a significant number of Carp in the 5 to 15 lb bracket, with the odd one or two topping 30lb. These can be caught without the need for modern methods. Also present are roach, perch and skimmers and a small number of Pike (up to 20lb).

Bovington 2 is 5 acres with extensive margins of reeds and beds of Norfolk reed with some clumps of Lilies. The water holds a good number of quality Tench, which have been caught to over 11lbs, and a stock of big Pike to well over 20 lbs. The Carp in this Lake have been caught to just over 40lbs and exist in numbers with a reasonable proportion of Mirror Carp to 30 lb. There are also good shoals of Roach with many fish over 1lb.

Bovington 2 Bovington 1
Sunrise over Bovington 2 A view across Bovington 1

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