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Prestons Lake

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Kevin Cranmer with a 3 lb eel A 29 lb 12 oz Carp poses with a very happy angler Andy Howard with a very nice mixed bag
28lb 8oz for Tom White Gavin Rotchell with a 22lb 12oz mirror - June 2004 Michael Webb & a 26lb 2oz - Aug 2004
Sam Panter with a 12lb carp Sam Panter with a 14lb carp Sam Panter with a 15lb carp
Gareth Kavanagh & a 26lb 8oz Common - July 2004 Shogbof with a 21lb 11oz common - October 2004 Shogbof with a 19lb 8oz mirror - Jan 2005
Sam Panter with his first Pebmarsh Twenty Moths first Preston carp 19lb 8ozs - May 2005 Tom Cammack with a 24lb 12oz carp - April 2005
Jamie Jones with a 6lb 10oz tench - April 2005 Sam Panter with a 16lb 11oz carp - June 2005 Sam Panter with a 4lb 12oz Tench - June 2005
Michael Webb paddling with a 26lb 2oz carp - June 2005 Jack Brimsden with a 20lb 2oz Mirror Carp - July 2005 Sam Panter with a 16lb 8oz Common Carp - July 2005
Michael Webb with a 25lb 8oz carp - Aug 2005 Shogbof with a 21lb 4oz carp - Aug 2005 Lee Redpath with a 17lb carp - Sept 2005
Chris Levett - 26lb 4oz - June 2006 Sam Panter - 23lbs 10oz - August 2006 Sam Panter - 22lbs 8oz - August 2006
Sam Panter - 17lbs 4oz - August 2006 Your photograph could be here Your photograph could be here

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