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Situated just off the A120, approximately half way between Colchester and Braintree.

Two reservoirs totaling approximately 3 acres which are good general pleasure fisheries. Good stocks of Roach, Rudd, Perch and small Bream and Carp in both waters.

The Front Reservoir is a mixed fishery with a reasonable number of Tench to 5 lbs along with a few big Perch to 3 lbs. This lake is also stocked with Carp up to 28lbs.

The Rear Reservoiris also a mixed which has a few larger Bream to 5 lbs, also present are a number of Catfish to 54lbs with fish of all sizes present, obviously with these whiskered monsters lurking around the smaller fish are not so abundant.

Parking is limited.

These reservoirs have steep sides, consequently, we do not allow unaccompanied juniors to fish.
Portable toilets are installed during the warmer summer months.


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