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Situated between Tiptree and Braxted.

The Main lake is 3 to 4 acres in size with a lake bottom resembling a lunar landscape due to the bars that litter the water This water is part of the chain of waters that are used by the gravel company where water is extracted at one end, pumped via the canal lake to wash the gravel then filtered through the settling pits before being pumped back into the lake again. This does at times cause the water levels to fluctuate and can expose some of the bars, however there are restrictions to stop the water being drained too low. It is known to contain carp up to mid 30's, as well as some good Crucian carp, Pike and Perch.

The Canal lake is a long narrow water which due to the gravel company having a road on one side restricts us to only being able to use the wooded bank by the footpath. The water contains a varied selection of carp, crucians, perch and rudd.

From Colchester take the A12 southbound, turning off at the Rivenhall turn off, follow the slip road down to the bottom and then turn right at the junction. Follow this road up past Braxted Park (approx 2 miles) and turn left at the crossroad into Grange road. Proceed along Grange road for just over a mile and you will find the entrance into the gravel company on the right hand side.

Taken from the bottom left corner of the lake.

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