Some photos of the new water and its facilities

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All the swims have been leveled for comfort
Drive down the roadway to our gate on the left.

The entrance to the pit is on the right hand side of Grange Road when driving in the Braxted to Tiptree direction.

The track is over 400 metres long.

The gate to the waters is on the left. The first half of the track has been finished with crushed tarmac, the second half of the track is bedded with stone. Please ensure that the gate is locked after entry/exit.

The car park has been bedded with stones.

The car park is at the bottom of the track adjacent to the water.

All swims have railway sleepers at the front.

Steps have been cut into the bank to give safe access to the swims.

We decided not to fit carpets though.

It is now possible to fish swims which previously would have been dangerous to get to.

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