Colchester Angling Preservations Society currently control 16 lakes in 11 locations, giving access to over 90 acres of water. The waters range in size from 1 to 19 acres offering different types of venues for different styles of angling, all of which are situated within 15 miles of Colchester, Essex.

All are easily accessible by road, although parking is limited on some.

Some of the lakes have swims set aside for disabled anglers.

Bovington I & II are two stillwaters on the same site that are of approximately 3 and 5 acres respectively. Both waters are well stocked with specimen fish of all types, Bovington II is renowned for its double figure tench and Carp up to 40lb+. Great Oakley fisheries are three lakes of around 1.5 to 3 acres. There is a match lake mostly silver fish roach, rudd, bream up to 7 & 8lbs, tench to 6lbs, carp to 6lbs and crucian carp to 3lbs. A bagging lake containing roach, rudd, skimmer bream and small carp to 3 and 4lbs and a specimen lake with carp over 20lb. Houchins Reservoirs are two irrigation reservoirs of around 1.5 acres each. The back reservoir is home to Goliath,the 54lb+ catfish and his familiy and carp up to around 25lb, while the front reservoir contains large carp up to around 25lb, bream and roach. Inworth Grange is an ex Gravel pit, the main lake is approximately 3 acres and contains large carp up to around 35lb with smaller pike, Layer Pit is an old gravel works of around 15 acres. It is home to some of the best carp fishing in Essex with an impressive number of 20's and 30's. Large bream, roach and pike are also present. Lodge Farm, This venue of approximately 12 acres set in open countryside near St Osyth and is stocked predominantly with carp up to mid 20lb, also present are some bream, rudd and roach. Olivers Lake is around 4 acres in size and holds an impressive list of fish including carp up to around 15lb, tench and catfish. There are also plenty of small fish to target. Prestons Lake is 19 acres in size and has a reputation for being a superb fishery. With large carp up to around 30lb, bream, tench and pike to target along with a massive head of smaller fish. Rectory Pool is 3 acres in size, It is located in a very quiet woodland off the A120 and has an unknown stock of carp up to possibly 30lb, also present are Bream, Crucians, Roach & Pike. Snake Pit has a big reputation in the Essex area as being home to some large carp up to around 40lb, tench up to 10lb and catfish up to 52lbs. Being over 12 acres in size it gives most members a chance to fish it. Wellhouse Reservoirs, Mersea.This venue has two reservoirs of approximately 2 and 3 acres in size, set in open countryside on Mersea Island stocked with carp, road, Rudd and Tench.

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Bovington Lakes Great Oakley Houchins Inworth Grange Layer Pit Lodge Farm Olivers Prestons Rectory Pool Snake Pit Wellhouse Reservoirs