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Open 1st June - 31st March

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Situated just outside Layer de la Haye about 4 miles from Colchester, this is an excellent fishery, with a well deserved reputation for big fish. In the last year, Carp in excess of 37 lbs, Bream to over 12 lbs and Pike over 25 lbs have all been landed.

The lake holds an impressive number of Carp weighing over 20lbs, but is also a good fishery for the pleasure angler, with fish of all other species present.

Layer Pit is has a restricted membership which requires any new applicant to do four work parties and pay a joining fee.

Following the dredging operation a few years ago, access is severely restricted for the less active angler.

Winter at layer

Winter evening at Layer Pit

Arial View

Bird's eye view of Layer Pit

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