Open 16th June to 15th March

The Society controls several miles of bank along the Suffolk Stour. Fishing starts upstream at Wormingford, Further down it starts again at Wiston Mill Pool above Nayland right down past Stratford St Mary. Along the way the river varies from being fast and shallow to slow and deep, and therefore supports a wide variety of species. Dace and Chub exist in good quantities throughout the river with the Chub occasionally reaching 5 lbs. Also to be found in the faster stretches at Nayland and Langham are a number of Barbel, which have been caught to 6 lbs. In the deeper stretches can be found Bream to 8 lbs, Tench and some Carp well into double figures. Autumn and winter fishing at Nayland and Stratford can be very rewarding for Roach, with individual fish to 2 lbs possible. Pike are present throughout and provide good sport for the roving angler with fish close to 20 lbs.
The River Colne at Fordham is also under CAPS control.

In most instances, parking is limited, and nearly all stretches involve a walk across fields etc. As a consequence, access for disabled angled is severely restricted.

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The River Colne at Fordham offers a chance to catch large chub and dace in the faster flowing water. The River Stour, Wormingford. There is usually a reasonable flow and quite a lot of weed in Summer. The river here is mainly a chub and dace water, with roach, pike and perch also present and the outside chance of bream and carp. The River Stour, Wiston Mill pool & below. The usual river species (dace, roach, chub, pike and perch) are joined by bream, tench and carp. Pike and carp run into double figures, with occasional bigger fish. Chub have been caught to 5lbs, bream to 8lbs, perch to 3lbs and tench also to 5lbs. The River Stour, Nayland  to Boxted offers some great sport whatever your preference. Chub, carp, bream, tench and smaller species are found throughout this stretch. The River Stour, Boxted.Chub, dace and roach are the main species; chub are present throughout, with fish to 4lbs. There are a few bream up to 7lbs towards the top end and during Winter there can be some good roach fishing in the deeper water above the flume. The River Stour, Langham, At the pool, known as the Lowlift pool, the river slows and deepens and returns to the style seen upstream of Boxted Mill. Good chub, bream, perch and carp have all been caught from this section, along with pike to around 14lbs. The River Stour, Straford St Mary, The river here is very slow-flowing, with depths from three to eight feet and widths up to 25 yards. Surprisingly, there are dace and chub in this stretch, but the mainstays are roach and perch, with bream, tench, carp and pike.

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