Some photos of the swim improvements

This work included all swims having Railway sleepers at the front, new steps, handrails, clearing and widening the paths, repairing the track, clearing and leveliing the top car park.

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The First Swim.

Where some of the swims are a little bit high landing stages have been provided to land and return the fish more safely.

The Intermediate Swim.

This swim was previously closed but has been rebuilt with new steps and cleared of snags and weed in front of the swim. This swim also has a lower step for landing/returning fish on the right hand side.

Safety Rails.

Handrails have been fitted on some swims to prevent anglers from falling in the water.

Wider paths.

The paths have been cleared and widened for improved access and safety rails have been fitted where the bank was collapsing.

Eight Inch Steps

All of the steps have been re-cut at a height of 8 inches and faced with pressure treated timber, held in place with 20mm steel bar.

Safer Steps

The steps have been re-cut & spaced for safer access

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