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OPENED 1st June 2008

Situated in Bradwell village Nr Braintree.

Rectory Pool is approximately 3 acres in size, very mature, being surrounded by broadleaf trees. There is a large bed of lilies in the centre of the lake and small beds of lilies scattered around the margins. There are ten bivvy type swims and a few day swims. The Rectory has an atmosphere seldom found on waters nowadays, The pool was initially a gravel pit which was dug in the 1930 and is about 20ft deep in some places. It has been known to flood and the water can rise by 6ft..... but has not flooded for a few years now. The car park is quite secure but is quite a walk to the lake across the field, unfortunately due to the walk from the car park this water is unsutable for disabled anglers.

Fish Stocks
The fish stocks were believed to be, in the region of, thirty to forty carp, with an average size of 21lb. Bigger fish around the 30lb mark have been seen in the snags, but have yet to come to the net. The carp are old ‘English’ fish with a long pedigree. Apart from the carp the lake holds most species of course fish including a lot of Bream and a few Pike.

From Colchester take the A120 towards Braintree, when you reach Bradwell Village, the access is directly off the A120, up the hill past the Swan pub, the gate is on your left, on the brow of the hill.

An overhead picture of Rectory Pool in the summer, clearly showing the lilly pads in the middle.

A view of the lake.

Fish Gallery

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