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Approximately 12 miles from Colchester, between White Colne and Pebmarsh, this is a secluded 19 acre lake with large stocks of most species. Due to the water quality and conditions all species of fish stocked in this have grown and bred extremely well. There is a good stock of Carp to over 35lb and a few Pike up to 30lb. The lake also features big Tench, Bream and Hybrids and offers comfortable fishing from flat banks, which are suitable for disabled anglers

35lb+ Carp, 30lb Pike, 9lb+ Bream. 6lb+Tench. Big Eels. Roach. Rudd. Perch. Hybrids. and Crucians.

The top end of the lake is designated Nature Reserve, and is strictly out of bounds to all members.

This is a stream fed lake with the possibility of the odd wild brown trout, these have been caught up to 8lb.

The Carp stocks include a batch of Mark Symonds bred Carp (UK's most famous breeder of carp), These rapid growers are expected to reach 20lb quickly.

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